Dental website messaging facilities today range from simple plain text messaging (email) to more detailed data harvesting with contact us, online appointments, patient referrals, feedback, new patient registrations, medical/dental history and practice questionnaires. Few comply with the detailed Regulations that apply to the Dental Profession (please see Compliance Issues Section).

Valident secure online forms (vForms) are displayed as a separately hosted secure page enabling patients or dental professionals to send sensitive personal data. These data are encrypted onto a dedicated server centre in England (ISO 27001 accredited).

Sample vForms

We can create any type of vForm you require with a variety of elements including; drop downs, tick boxes, selection boxes, radio buttons and conditional fields. We can also include the option to upload and send attachments. Please see some sample vForms below.

vForm Designs

Depending on how your website is build, we can construct a custom design for your vForms to match your website. This way, when a user leaves your site to view your vForms on our secure servers, your branding remains in place.

We also offer a more cost effective option where a clean and simple vForm design is used, with your logo and basic colour scheme. If your site is complex or interactive, this can provide a simpler, less intrusive experience for users.