Valident’s New Two-Way Communication System

Until now, Valident has worked as a one-way referral system. The referring practitioner completes the form, and you, the customer, receive a notification and login securely to retrieve the information. This has been the way Valident has worked since our first version many years ago. Thanks to advancements in technology we are finally able to offer a safe and secure method of two way communications: Valident Response.

With Response you receive referrals in the same way, but you can now send a secure response back to the original referrer with your report or treatment summary. The referring dentist can then login to their own secure area and view the status of all of their outstanding referrals. For some of our customers who receive hundreds of referrals each month, this means you’re able to keep track of incoming referrals with the added ability to reply back through the same system.

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  • Includes all standard Valident functionality
  • Ability to respond back to your referrals
  • Ability for referrers to track the progress of their referrals
  • Check when responses have been received and opened