We have put together a selection of answers to common questions we receive about our service.

If you have any other questions about our service, our vForms, or how we integrate them into your website, visit our contact page and fill out the enquiry form..

How are your vForms secured?

When the data is submitted via our vForms it is then safely encrypted onto our servers using unique encryption keys for your website.

How many vForms do I need?

This depends on how you want to organise your patient referrals. Some practices will have multiple referral forms, others will have one form with multiple options.

How do I access the data once it has been submitted?

You will have access to a custom secure portal to access any referrals that have been made via your vForms.

Are the vForms hosted on my website?

No, vForms are hosted on our ISO27001 UK based secure server. We handle all aspects of the SSL certificate and hosting for the vForms.

What will the vForms look like?

We build a small custom site for each client which matches the branding and design of your main practice website. In some cases, depending on how your website has been built, we provide a simplified version with your logo and colour scheme. We will explain the options available to you once we have looked at your existing site.

Do you need access to my website to be able to put the vForms live?

When your vForms are ready to go live, links will need to be added to your website to point users to them. If you have a content managed website, such as WordPress, we can do this for you, or we can provide the details you need and these can be passed on to your web developers.

Do your vForms generate email notifications?

When a vForm is submitted, you will receive a notification from us to say a referral has been made. You will then receive a link to login to your vForms portal to retrieve the referral details. We can also generate email confirmations to the referring dentist or patient.

Can a referring dentist keep a copy of their referral?

We cannot email full details of a referral for security reasons but at the point a referral has been made, a referring dentist has an opportunity to download a PDF copy of their referral for their own reference.

Do your vForms accept attachments?

Yes, referring dentists can upload attachments as part of their referral. These are then made available to you to download when you login to the portal.

Can we save a copy of the referral to upload into our patient management system?

Once you have logged in to your secure vForms portal, you’ll have an opportunity to download a PDF copy of the submission which you can then upload to your patient management system.

How long is the data held on your servers?

The data that we encrypt and store is saved on our servers for 28 days for you to access. After this time, the data is permanently deleted for security reasons.