Encrypted Data

All data submitted through our forms is encrypted and saved securely in our system. No sensitive patient data is transferred by email, unlike other web-based form systems, so your referral information is always kept safe.

Multiple Forms

You can include multiple forms as part of your monthly subscription. Our most popular forms are for referrals, but we can offer customisation to create any form you need. We also provide templates for CBCT Scan forms, medical history, Invisalign and many more.

Secure User Login

You’ll get your own personalised portal with a unique URL and we can provide one or more secure logins for access. We can also provide 2FA (two factor authentication) for added security.

Email Notifications

Each time a referral or form submission is received, you are notified by a tracked email notification. We can send notifications to multiple addresses, and in the case of practices with multiple locations, the email address can be dependent on the dentist or service selected for the referral.

PDF Generation

Download a branded PDF of each referral from your secure portal. PDFs contain all of the referral information, and can be password protected for added security. Links are included to anonymised attachments for you to download.

File Uploads

Receive x-rays and other attachments as part of your referrals, all safely anonymised. Some referrers will upload files with identifiable information as the file name but our systems will anonymise all attachments before saving them. Set restrictions by file type or file size.

Secure UK Hosting

All our forms are stored on UK based ISO 27001 accredited servers. Our servers are registered with, and monitored by, the National Cyber Security Centre Early Warning scheme for added peace of mind.


Integrate with an ever-growing range of Dental CRM systems to save retyping information. When integrating with 3rd party, we try where possible to ensure unencrypted patient data isn’t sent outside the UK. In the event of having to link to 3rd party systems that do this, we can password protect PDF files with patient information to hide from prying eyes.

Usage Metrics

Receive metrics on the usage of all your forms. We can even integration with Google Analytics GA4 and setup confirmation pages for conversion tracking.

SMS Text Messaging Notifications

As an add-on to your standard monthly subscription, get a text message notification to a designated number for each referral you receive via your portal.

Multi-Practice Dashboard

We can offer a dashboard for groups of practices so incoming referral metrics can be monitored for all practices within the group.

Branded Pages

We build a unique portal for you branded either with your logo and colours, or as a full clone for your practice website. We can even do custom domains, such as referrals.yourpractice.co.uk